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Tax Strategies

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Taxes, unlike markets or inflation, are something that we can control. Planning to reduce taxes is an essential piece of your overall financial plan, but tax laws can be complex. Each year millions of people overpay in taxes without even knowing it. Our financial planning process pays particular attention to income taxes, capital gains taxes and more. Helping you lessen your tax burden means more for you and your family to enjoy.

Tax Diversification

We’ll work with you to develop a tax-efficient investment strategy in order to manage your taxes now and build more flexibility in retirement. Your money can be held in three different types of accounts: tax-deferred, taxable and tax-free. They each have very different tax treatments. Our planning process is designed to incorporate tax diversification between these three account types with the aim of creating the highest net-spendable income for you in retirement. Knowing the rules and implementing a forward-looking tax strategy can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your wealth.

Roth Conversion Strategies

Most folks have the majority of their retirement assets in tax-deferred accounts that are subject to ordinary income tax. We factor taxes into your retirement planning and recommend strategies as appropriate to shift assets from “forever taxed” accounts to “never taxed” accounts using Roth conversions. This strategy is important because Roth IRA holders have more control over taxes in retirement. With a Roth conversion, you “prepay” the taxes on the amount you convert, which allows future growth and income to be tax free. Our financial planning technology includes detailed tax projections to help determine how much money you should convert to a Roth IRA over a period of time in order to control your tax bracket long-term and get the most value from your investments.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Tax-Loss Harvesting is a strategy that we may use to turn money lost from within taxable investments into a profitable opportunity. It uses the capital losses that inevitably occur to reduce your tax bill. You don’t truly have a gain or a loss on any asset until you sell it. When the asset is sold you are able to use that capital loss to offset your capital gains and income tax. The investment can then be replaced, or harvested, with a similar investment in order to maintain proper balance and diversification within your portfolio.

Advanced Wealth Strategies
and Business Planning

We partner with the Advanced Planning Group, a nationally recognized team of professionals, with specialized training in law, taxation, accounting, business, insurance, finance, and philanthropic planning. They support us in delivering a variety of wealth strategies and business planning objectives to help you in these key areas:

  • Business succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Key person insurance
  • Nonqualified executive benefit strategies
  • Wealth transfer and distribution strategies
  • Estate tax mitigation
  • Charitable planning


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