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Cash Flow Planning

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We believe that cash flow planning is the cornerstone of your financial plan. Knowing your numbers will help you best marshal your resources and achieve your goals more effectively. A common fear among those nearing or in retirement is running out of money. Life expectancy continues to increase, which adds more years in retirement and healthcare costs continue to rise putting many at risk of outliving their assets. Our process is designed to help you maintain your lifestyle throughout your lifetime. It really empowers you to make the right decisions by aligning spending with your values.

Retirement Planning is
Cash Flow Planning

By analyzing your current and future cash flow, we are able to determine if you’re on track for retirement so you can have confidence and peace of mind going forward. Done correctly, it can remove the element of uncertainty and guesswork and potentially improve relationships at home. If your cash flow projections are not on track, we can help get you there with a comprehensive financial plan that includes a forward-looking cash flow analysis.

What is Cash Flow

Cash flow refers to the movement of money coming in (income) and going out (outflows). The process of cash flow management involves understanding your sources of income, where it goes and what choices are appropriate to meet your lifestyle goals. It’s an active, continuous process of accounting, analysis and adjustment to meet your financial objectives. Cash flow planning and forecasting is key to lowering financial stress.

How We Perform a Cash Flow Analysis

We analyze your cash flow by looking at all of your income sources, and all your outflows – basic expenses, discretionary expenses, debt service, insurance premiums, taxes and savings. This provides you with clarity of your financial situation and allows us to more accurately project future “what if” scenarios. For example, if you're approaching retirement we can project how much money you will have during retirement and then calculate if that money will last throughout your life while factoring in future taxes, inflation and the projected rate of return on your portfolio.


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